Our Premises

We now fully operate from Maiden Newton Children’s Centre.  It is a purpose built building which we resource from our wide range of equipment.

We have a lovely outdoor area partly covered, that is secure and allows free flow access. We encourage the children to appreciate the natural environment and spend plenty of enjoyable time outside in the fresh air.  We say “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just poorly selected clothes” . Therefore, we have waterproofs and wellies so we can go out to explore whatever the weather!

We have three  fruit and vegetable beds which the children help to maintain and therefore learn how to “grow it, cook it, eat it.”

We also have a quiet, playhouse outside which is resourced with books to enjoy, art and craft activities and we even practice vital skills through play, such as road safety skills.

Our outside play kitchen and sand areas lets the imagination run wild.

A construction shed houses different bricks, blocks, hard hats and safety jackets, which allows construction to take place in a realistic way next to the sand so the children can use sand to join the blocks and bricks together.

The children’s imagination can run wild in our small play fairy garden. 

We have a workbench where the children use real tools to create their masterpieces.

The children can play traditional games such as bat and ball, hopscotch, skipping or skittles and we subtly incorporate numeracy, literacy, turn-taking (social skills),communication and language into many of these activities.

But most of all they are always at liberty to enjoy their favourite games – based entirely on their imaginations!