Found at the heart of the beautiful village of Maiden Newton, Dorset, we are the proud occupiers of the Maiden Newton childrens centre. We play, we dance, we sing, we learn.

We know the importance of healthy body, healthy mind so we observe a healthy snack time in the morning session which consists of fruit, vegetables, a form of carbohydrate such as bread sticks, with milk or water to drink. Very often we cook food for snack time with the children, often using the vegetables they have helped to grow organically. Isn’t that just brilliant?!

Older children are encouraged to attend our transition day which at present is Thursday mornings , we visit Greenford school, use the school hall for a gym session, visit the classroom and meet the reception teacher, every week this helps with the transition to school which  make the whole process smooth.

vegetables box

Maiden Newton Preschoolers can grow their own veggies

We accept children from 2 years old up to school age.
All our staff are caring, experienced and qualified to high level.
We have a Post-graduate (Level 6) Early Years Professional as Manager.

Opening Times

Monday – Friday

Morning sessions: 8.30am – 11.30am
Afternoon sessions: 11.30am – 2.30pm

All day sessions: 8:30am – 2:30pm

Lunch between 11.45 – 12.30pm




We have been celebrating  Autumn and farming to support the life of some of the children using the setting. We have also celebrated Halloween and Bonfire night .

we made a wonderful hand to eye co-ordination game, the children needed to collect spiders from the web using the tweezers.


We have celebrated with a board of the childrens work.